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Business Notices

Business Notices

Field Welding Service

Thursday 5th June 2008, 7:02PM

Mobile onsite service, repairing or altering equipment too difficult for relocation to a workshop.

Specialist mobile welding repairs and lineboring to internal and external surfaces, mild steel, stainless steel, hard facing steels.

Repairs to articulated and hinged equipment eg earthmovers, cranes, barges, vessels, boats, forklifts, ships, trucks, drill rigs, buckets.

Milling, turning, drilling, folding, cutting, bending, just to name a few of Insitu's inhouse capabilities.

Costs too high for replacement? Insitu can work around your budget to repair or alter parts.

Spare parts not available? Insitu will recreate components to restore equipment.

Have an idea but dont know how to create it? Working alongside Insitu's Engineers produce a prototype design and watch it come to life.